Issue Twenty

Celebrating 10 years of publishing 2006/7 - 2016/17 | Read Editorial



Chief Editor

Michael Hofmann

Issue 20 represents the culmination of 12 months of heavy behind the scenes work at the Journal. It is also a celebration of 10 years of publishing since our foundation in 2006 and first Issue in 2007. In the last year, the student team has overhauled nearly every aspect of the journal. The editorial team has devised a new article review system, aimed at increasing quality and reducing lead times for authors. The production team has devised a brand new article submissions system which allows authors and editors to work seamlessly together meaning articles can be published more quickly. The new submissions system has also allowed for the redevelopment of our website so now we look better than ever online and across all devices. Meanwhile, our marketing and outreach teams have been sharpening their focus.

These changes behind the scenes put us in a great position as we embark on the next decade of the journal. We now have a new board and will soon become a legal entity. This issue takes some of the best of the last 10 years and pulls it together into a special anniversary issue. A selection from each of the core subject areas is represented from Biology to Materials Science. Also featured are a selection of snippets from former team members, a retrospective from our co-founder and a timeline which give an insight into the story of the journal. In addition to this is an interview with renowned science communicator Jim Al-Khalili. I hope you enjoy the breadth and diversity of the journal that is on show here and hope to welcome you to our conference at Queens' College Cambridge on 12th October 2017.

Meet the Team

Art By Julie Dosad